The master speaks..

This isn’t related -directly- to Politics, but it seems to be to be applicable to the current situation, where otherwise sane people still think George Bush is fit to lead this country… One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of theRead More

Retro Echo!

How many of these make you go “I know what that is! I used to do that all the time!” IN#4 Control-Alt [SIDEKICK!] – Delete C> ^P[enter] [pause] “GodDAMMIT! “ Hmm. Cool machine. What’s this? Superzap? That must be a game! [S]pell “Tiltowait” HAHAHHA! DIE! “Sure, I got Bilestoad. Whatcha got? Ooo, Karateka! ” “I’llRead More

Aiee! Comments problems!

That’ll teach me to be heavy-handed with deleting blogspam. I inadvertantly turned off comments on my blog for about a day (from Saturday through today). Thanks as always to Lisa for finding the offending rule in my configuration. All fixed now. You may resume flamage!

My Election Predictions

I predict next Tuesday will not in fact decide who will be the next president. What will happen is we will see the largest voter turnout as a percentage of registered voters ever recorded. The vote will be close enough that there will be an immediate challenge in the courts. The fight will simply getRead More

In the groove.

Yesterday was one of the most productive days I’ve had in ages. I did some huge revisions to CONGO‘s appserver (the core application that holds all the business logic). After being sick for a day, and having a tooth extracted earlier in the week, I was feeling edgy about the amount of stuff getting done,Read More

Trivia tidbit du jour

Did you know that Canadian coins stick to magnets? I was carrying around one of the spiffy Google pins I got at Gnomedex in my pocket this weekend, and noted that one of the coins I had stuck to it (quite strongly). Fishing it out, I noticed it was a Canadian quarter. Having been broughtRead More

A game recommendation

While down at Ubercon this weekend (which was a blast, btw – if you like gaming and webcomics, this is definately the place to be. Next Ubercon is in March, 2005!), I sat down in the LAN area during a break from registration, and played Evil Genius for a while. This is one mighty warpedRead More

Off to Ubercon!

I’m off to Ubercon in New Jersey. This is a great gaming convention that I’ve been working with for the last few years. LAN gaming, tabletop fun, and a great vendor area. If you’re in the area, cmon by!

A new approach to menus… Fisheye

From another mailing list, someone brought up this little applet (requires Java) that demonstrates a way to make very long pulldon menus navigable, by ‘zooming’ portions of the menus based on mouse position. Apple used a similar concept with the OSX Dock, which can expand the portion of the menu you’re interested in. It’s greatRead More