Ah got the music in me.

About a month ago I posted a message to craigslist basically asking if anyone in the metro boston area was interested in taking in an inexperienced bass player. I was tired of just noodling around, and I felt that a bass guitar is best played in a group. It’s a support instrument, not a leadRead More

RadioParadise punches it dead on today…

Trying to get back in the groove after weeks of intenseness related to selling our house, and working back in my office, Radio Paradise chimes in with Compared to What performed by Les McCann. This song is over 30 years old, but the lyrics ring mighty true today… The President, he’s got his war FolksRead More

SSL Creation under Debian

I always dread setting up SSL servers. The SSL mechanism is complicated, and the terminology is not something I deal with on a day to day basis, so the openssl command line stuff is total greek anytime I need to use it. While setting up our new server, I realized I needed a self-signed certRead More

DC Pastor Channels 400yr Old Puritan Values

People complain about the “Left Wing Bloggers” spreading misinformation and bias, and the “Right Wing Bloggers” giving skewed and incomplete viewpoints. Ta heck with all that, here’s a DC Pastor preaching that “Lesbianism is On the Rise” because “Sisters makin more money than brothers and it’s creating problems in families… that’s one of the reasonsRead More

‘The Brights’ and Secular Humanism

Each Friday, James Randi posts a weekly ‘commentary’ on the rampant influence of mysticism and religion in daily thought. He has has made a lifetime career of exposing charlatans, fakers, and frauds along the lines of Sylvia Browne and John Edward (of ‘Crossing Over’ fame). In this weeks commentary he steps on his soapbox andRead More

Cool Debian Geek Site Du Jour

For some reason, I had no idea that Debian-Administration.org existed. It has tons of great articles on nifty tricks to do with Debian, as well as up and coming changes and suggestions for administration. Today’s gem is using the deborphan tool to tell whether any packages have been orphaned by having their parent packages removedRead More

Lo, I am companioned.

Since we’ve moved to the new house, our roomate, Beth, has forced upon us her menagerie of pets, consisting of One (1) long haired grey cat named Cali, One (1) shorthaired tortoiseshell named Devita, and… one 10yr old Rotweiller mix, named Jasmine. Now, it’s no secret that I’ve been lusting after having a dog for…Read More

Planarity – the game!

This is a hyper-simple game, but is great for a couple hours of killed time. It’s called “Planarity” and is available at http://home.cwru.edu/~jnt5/Planarity/. A couple other folks on LJ and elsewhere have posted about it, but the nutshell is you’re given an ever increasing number of vertices on a polygon, interconnected randomly. Your job isRead More

Tweaking the righties.

Fun and fun. I’m having a nice exchange over on Jay Reding’s blog. It really does amaze me that people still think Bush’s position of pre-emption is a good and current policy. Jay trotted out the old argument “Oh, so you think the Iraqi people would be better off under Saddam, eh?” This argument isRead More

Linux Gripe du jour

This is just wrong. Why was this changed in Linux-land, I have no idea. Use ‘man ls’ or any other man command. Hit space a few times to get down into the document. Now try to go back. ‘b’ or ‘^u’ do not work, because it’s a pipe, not man’s built-in pager. This is aRead More