All the hoopla over Google Blogsearch

There’s been a lot of noise over in Livejournal by the user base complaining about Google’s new Blogsearch indexing tool. Most users are reacting by changing their entire journal over to ‘friends only’, and casting aspersions upon ‘the evil google search engine’. This post is primarily aimed at that audience. Folks, Livejournal is a bloggingRead More

Rod Trip

There’s something surrel bout being stuck in New Jersey with lptop tht hs broken ‘a’ key. (tht ws done, by the wy, by cut nd pste with the mouse.). Time to browse eBy nd try nd find replcement I think. (IBM Thinkpd T40).

When Hottubs Fly

Thanks to the generosity of our friends Tim and Ellen, we now have a hottub in our back yard. Titan Movers hauled it over this morning, using a mighty cool big truck. It was a little alarming to see a hottub suspended over our house, but it was only swaying there for a few minutes.Read More

iPod nano, 2 weeks later

Well, it’s been about two weeks since I got an iPod nano for my birthday, courtesy of my sister. A couple observations, and I’ll let this whole thing fade off into history… It’s SMALL! No, really, it’s small. It’s easy to lose. I have a nice Ogio laptop backpack with an ‘mp3 player pouch’ onRead More

Come see me play!

This coming Friday, September 23rd, my band Deluded Blues will be playing at the Cottage Street Pub in Franklin, MA. This is the first time the ‘new’ band has appeared on stage in its current form, and we’re only doing a ‘mini-set’ in the middle of a longer set by the ‘old’ band. We goRead More

Space Worms!

Spaceworms is a nice simple flash game, but fair warning! It will really suck you in. The idea is you’re trying to out-maneuver the spaceworms. Use the arrow keys to move your ‘dot’. The worms are faster and more maneuverable than you, but have slightly slower reaction time. Use the edges of the screen toRead More

Coming as no surprise to anyone…

OkCupid hosts another good ‘where are you on the political / social spectrum’ quiz here. I took it, and came out, unsurprisingly: You are a SOCIAL LIBERAL (76% permissive) You are an Economic Liberal (21% permissive) You are best described as a: Socialist Shocking. The entire results (With splufty display graphs showing how I showRead More

Most marketable tech skills?

So while working with some other geeks this afternoon, the subject of Ruby on Rails came up. I’ve heard good things about it, but I voiced my skepticism about shelving my current workcycle (in Java) and learning Yet Another Language. I mean, how many folks can be looking for Ruby programmers nowadays? Well. Gee. HowRead More

Arrr. Arrr.

Break out the bandanas and eyepatches! A reminder that tomorrow (September 19th) is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Remember to brush up on your Pirate Vocabulary! (And if you want to hear quality PirateSpeak, I played a pirate in a radio comedy called “The Fantastic Fate of Frederick Farnsworth the Fifth“. You can hear someRead More

A new ‘Grow’ game!

I haven’t had more than a few minutes to look at it, but the wizards at Eyezmaze have a new Grow game up on their site. More details later, but I wanted to drop everyone’s productivity as SOON as possible. Thanks to rollick for the heads up. (Note – this link contains a SOLUTION. ClickRead More

What I do…

In the midst of hyper-geekery today, Barb msgs me and asks what I’m working on. So I answer… publishing WSDL-driven servlets into an Axis environment to expose J2EE stateless session beans’ methods via webservices – then i don’t have to have the client apps deal with JNDI and RMI calls directly to the jboss server,Read More