LDAP and Thunderbird

I have an ongoing project dream. Someday, have a fully functional suite of opensource-driven services available to our community that gives, if not the full functionality of something like Exchange, but gives enough so that the users can interract and exchange information cleanly, without having to jump through hoops or pay ridiculous amounts of moneyRead More


What is it about New Jersey? Here I am, back again, this time for more than just visiting a client. It’s been almost a week since I’ve been home, and it begins to wear. But enough of the that, let’s see what’s been going on. Ubercon First of all, there was Ubercon. This is theRead More

Computer ads through the ages.

This has been linked to from everywhere, everywhen, but here it is incase you’ve been under a tech-media rock for the last couple days. PCWorld has put together a great Youtube collection of television computer ads. Some are hysterical, some are pitiful, some are sad. I’m particularly mournful of the loss of the Apple Newton,Read More

Join my BOINC team!

I nudge about this occasionally, but here’s a quick reminder. I have an active team using the BOINC distributed computing system called the Stonekeep General Computing Facilities. It’s a conglomeration of a dozen or so users with a few dozen machines running BOINC. These machines run distributed tasks that range from searching for extraterrestrial signalsRead More

Ubercon Time!

It’s that time of year again. Next week I’ll be heading down to Ubercon for our bi-yearly gaming geekfest. I’ve been doing this event from the beginning, and have had a ball every time. Lots of great gaming (card, board, and LAN), and great folks to hang out with. If you like tabletop gaming, LANRead More

Makes a Dad’s Heart Warm

Proto Geek Originally uploaded by eidolon. This is Zach after he assembled his first electronic circuit. Complete with switch! Talk about things to make my geek heart go pitterpatter. The kit is a sort of electronics simple-breadboard from You Do It, a local electronics store. $10 and a few dozen little simple experiments. He’s reallyRead More


I’m sore. I hurt. Ow. Last night the band played a 3 1/2 hour gig in Marlboro. I’m beginning to understand why a lot of musicians, particularly folks who haul their own gear, are in reasonable physical shape. For my part, I just have my smallish amp, my guitar, and a parts / stuff bagRead More