Happy Birthday!

This is a big Happy Birthday to an entity near and dear to all of our hearts. One year ago, we brought boomer online. It has been running without fault ever since. Boomer provides web, mail, chat, database, and other services to over 30 users, handling 5000+ mail messages daily, on a 1.6gig AMD SempronRead More

Nokia N800 – So close!

I was just reading a cool review of the Nokia N800 written by a Sean Luke, an assistant professor at George Mason University, and fairly serious Apple Newton Hacker. In the article, he runs down how much better the N800 is over the Newton Messagepad 2100, but also really lambasts the UI designers for makingRead More

Chilly in Boston!

Photo_011707_002 Originally uploaded by eidolon. Yes, that display really does say ‘9 F’ – 9 degrees fahrenheit. That was at 10pm tonight, on the way back from band practice. It seems to be holding there, the thermometer here at home is showing 10 degrees outside. One thing this does remind me of is how importantRead More

Windows Idiocies

I’m sure this will end up turning into a nice long list, but lets start with this particular rant. If you have a Windows XP installation, and you’re trying to enable or disable something from starting when the machine boots, where do you go? Well, naturally, you right click on Start, go to Explore, lookRead More

GM gets closer to a decent EV car.

Now this is a GM product I might actually buy. And I ain’t talkin Genetically Modified. At the Detroit Auto Show, GM has unvailed the ‘Chevy Volt’. It’s somewhere between a concept car and production, in that they’ve hired a line manager for the vehicle, but they’re having problems finding a supplier for the 100,000Read More