Caloric yardsticks

Coming out of the winter months, my attention goes to my waistline, which while not exactly exploding, has released some of the territory gained from last summer’s busy volleyball, hiking, and biking regime. So it was with some guilt I glanced at my asiago cheese bagel with (light!) cream cheese this morning, and wondered “Huh.Read More

And so it begins.

IMG_4158.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon You know, Zach loves reading. And loves games. And… it’s time. Took about 1/2 an hour to unearth the books. Granted, nowadays 2nd edition is a tad outdated, but it’s a great place to start.

Apache sneakiness.

This is a story about system administration. It’s about a system, and it’s administration. In particular, it’s about configuring up Apache to do some magical rewriting of URLs so that a site we’re working on can translate /foo/bar into /foo.php?item=bar . Ready to journey with me? Let’s go… I’m running XAMPP on clipper – it’sRead More

Ikariam – Civilization goes Web!

Everyone who has had anything to do with computer gaming has probably heard of Civilization, the genre originated by Sid Meier and so successfully built (some would say exploited by) Microprose. There have been many branches of the Civilization pedigree, and I even reviewed one (FreeCiv) a while back. Recently I tripped over another incarnationRead More