A manageable fillup

(no subject) Originally uploaded by eidolon A year ago, filling up the van with gas cost somewhere around $80. Now that I’m commuting 60 miles a day, having the price back down is lovely. If it stays here long enough for us to move, I’ll be happy.

Modernized Maxims

From a conversation on IRC today: “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a backpack full of USB thumb drives and a bike messenger.” -Nathan Mehl This arose after I remarked that copying files to a pen drive and walking it over to the server is a faster way of moving a couple gig of data thanRead More

Very cool optical toy.

See the runner – grab onto the black stripes on the right and slowly drag it to the left. This was billed as an ‘optical illusion’ – not sure if that’s apropos. You’re not being ‘tricked’ into seeing anything. It’s as much an ‘illusion’ as regular frame by frame movies give the ‘illusion’ of motion.Read More

Compiz memory leak?

Recently I’ve started working on an all-linux laptop (named ‘algol’, more on this later), and I’m enjoying using Compiz as my compositing window manager. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a problem with memory usage. It appears to be connected with suspending and resuming the machine (which works fine, except for this). Compiz memory usage skyrockets on restart:Read More


Misc ramblings, just have to get them out there. KDE4 – Not Ready KDE4 is so not ready for prime time. Or maybe it’s whatever version is currently bundled with Hardy. Ick ick ick. Not stable, unuseable, bleah. Struts2 – So far so good I’m getting into the proper mindset to go “Make that, wireRead More

Mom and her MacBook

momsmac Originally uploaded by eidolon Mom’s mac mini has been acting up lately, throwing disk errors, refusing to boot, etc. It’s 3.5 years old, out of Apple warranty, and, well, it was time to upgrade. After a brief discussion and a glance at Apple’s refurb listings, we picked up a Macbook. 120gig of disk space,Read More