Goodbye Interlude

The last load out. Tomorrow the dumpster gets picked up. I never enjoy the last bits if a move. I sort of wish it could all be done at once. But I know that has it’s own stresses. As I left Natick, I changed the ‘home’ favorite in my GPS to Mosaic. Guess it’s officialRead More

Day 3 – Still sick

I’m sick. I started noticing the telltale throat itchiness Thursday night, and by Friday morning it was in full swing. We’re to the point of thinking this is flu now, as I’ve been down for almost 3 days, and at last sensor check, I’m running a 101 fever. Sudafed and Nyquil are keeping things underRead More

Blog Refactoring underway

It really was time. Planet-Geek’s style really was getting long in the tooth. When I first set up the blog, I hacked the templates and stylesheet enormously to get it to look a certain way. What that meant though was I ended up with templates that could not be updated in any sane fashion. TonightRead More

iDracula for the iPhone. iCarnage!!!

Just a quick one before I head off to my next meeting. My latest addiction for the iPhone is called ‘iDracula’. It’s sort of a mix of Diablo vs Quake vs Robotron. The 19th century ‘van helsing’-esque setting is beautifully rendered, and the soundtrack adds the appropriate head-banging necessary for any good vampire slaughtering. There’sRead More

A Panoply of Pidgin Plugins

I have this ongoing personal philosophy. “Don’t get too wedded to a single environment, because the designs will channel your way of thinking, and those ‘new fangled’ ideas about UI’s and systems? They they may have something there, give it a try.” To that end, not long ago I switched from KDE to Gnome. ThatRead More

You, yes you on your phone in Starbucks.

We’re very impressed you have a nice blackberry, Jawbone bluetooth headset, and brown loafers. The leather case you’re carrying is pretty snappy. I think it’s particularly fascinating how you’ve managed to park yourself in a sparsely populated Starbucks, cranked up that wonderful gear of yours, and decided to CALL EVERYONE IN YOUR PHONE BOOK. IRead More