Mame Cabinet, continued.

IMG_1239.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon Well last night I put in some time to assemble the frame for the pedestal. This is the bottom third of the cabinet, and will contain the PC and other hardware necessary. It’s pretty solid (and heavy) at the moment. Once I fabricate the front and rear panels, it’ll beRead More

A new project – Mame Cabinet

For several years now, I’ve been considering building a MAME Arcade cabinet. I’d been using the MythTV box for retrogaming, but I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with the limitations: The MythGame interface is painful to use. MythTV is such a moving target, keeping it updated and stable is very tricky. Using USB based handheld controllers hasRead More

Decisions, Decisions.

So a rare alignment of the planets has happened, and I have a little bit of cash available. Enough to not only pay off some credit card debt (wootah), but also indulge in a little toybuying. Of course, the eternal question comes up, what should I do with it? Here’s the current list of candidates,Read More

Rockin in the Workshop

So there’s this house we’re calling Interlude. It’s a rental, we’re living in it since we sold Homeport and is our home until Mosaic is ready for us, sometime late next year. It has a usable basement, with a high ceiling and dry floors. Not particularly warm in the winter, but usable. I’ve moved myRead More

Today’s GeekSquee

I have much geek-joy this morning. Yesterday was a banner day in playing with all the little toys I have, and building up some new ones. Without boring you all to smithereens going on about details in my Java / XML project, lets go with a few things that are slightly more tactile. Gaming, Cons,Read More

MythTV Update – New video!

It’s been a while since I last posted about the ongoing MythTV project here at Chez Geek. For the most part it’s been quiet. After coming back from Ubercon, where the box was very well received, I sort of parked it on the side and didn’t touch it for a few weeks. This week, thingsRead More