A good addiction. Wikipedia.

I just introduced my mom to Wikipedia, and spent the next 1/2 hour updating and creating pages relating to fiber arts (her specialty). If there’s any project that truly represents the spirit of the Internet – global sharing of information for anyone and everyone who wants it – it’s this project. I encourage everyone whoRead More

Bloggers are taking over the media!

Reuters has published a quicky bit about how blogs have become a real force in politics, opinion, and commentary: NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. presidential campaign between George W. Bush and John Kerry (news – web sites) has prompted a frenzy of gossip and conspiracy theories among Internet bloggers, hybrid online sites that blendRead More

Palm Browser

On my cell phone (a Kyocera 7135 I’m sure ya’ll are tired of hearing about), I had a wide range of browsers to choose from when doing webstuff. The Kyocera built in something or other was the one I chose first, and it was ‘eh’. Palm phones aren’t known for their screaming horsepower, and tryingRead More

Dancing robots!

This was just passed to me by some folks on IRC. It’s about 3 minutes of a demonstration of choreographed dancing by 2′ tall robots. I had heard about this particular piece a while ago (the file is dated 12/18/2003), but had sort of dismissed it as “yea yea, dancing robots, Marvin does the hoocheeRead More

Blog design changes.

Well you’ve probably noticed that Planet Geek is going through some changes. The original layout and design I had was aging, and my CSS-fu has improved greatly, so I’m taking a stab at building my own look and feel. The first couple changes are in place, and I’m going to continue tinkering over the nextRead More

RIP Rodney Dangerfield

As reported on Yahoo News, via Reuters: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rodney Dangerfield, the goggle-eyed comic famed for his self-deprecating one-liners and signature phrase “I can’t get no respect,” died on Tuesday at age 82, his spokesman said. A lot of folks didn’t like his style, but as a fan of the 80’s goofy movies,Read More

Mac Geeks fall in! Help!

Well, I’ve been stymied. I call on the blogosphere for assistance here. I bought and built a purple gumdrop iMac for my mom about 4 months ago. This was to upgrade her from an ancient wheezing G3 running OS9 that was driving me nuts to maintain. This was my first experience with OSX, and IRead More

Once more into the breach!

The New York Times is reporting that one of the administrations bits of ‘irrefutable evidence’ that Saddam was starting his nuclear program up, that being the acquisition of thousands of high stress aluminum tubes, was considered implausible by most of the top nuclear consultants, and that the administration routinely ignored all the arguments and evidenceRead More

Journey into RSS, and Firefox bites it.

After spending the weekend at Gnomedex, I’ve been bombarded with publishing, security, and blogging technologies. The biggest of these is of course RSS, which by all accounts is changing the face of online publishing. I’ve naturally been using RSS for my syndicated feeds, browsing blogs using the Sage RSS aggregator within Firefox. As I addRead More

Gnomedex continued.

So. this is interesting. Throw a big party, give everyone laptops, and make sure you have people who like to publish interesting things on a realtime basis. Is this what it’ll be like when ubiquitous computing becomes commonplace?

Some photos from Gnomedex

Folks are running around with various webcams, phone cams, and other goodies, here’s a couple interesting bits… PJ Morr’s photoblog Chris DiBona doing eeeevil things to some of the schwag And the festivities continue.