Well, since the new theme automatically put an About page here, might as well put some information into it.


Geek, dad, technologist, juggler, maker, partner, musician, backpacker, explorer, sailor, biker, and generally curious dude.

And I almost never play football.






2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Dave, I saw the article on Gizmodo. Your picture was very interesting to me because of the M100 Radio Shack computer over your shoulder. Do you have the cassette storage device for that computer? I have several floppy discs from my youth that were created on the M100 (best keyboard ever). I’ve been looking for someone who can transfer the files to the cloud. If I remember correctly, the files on the M100 were simple text files. If you were able to transfer the files, I would give to you all the handheld computers I’ve had stored for several decades. I can send images to you. Really want to see what my younger mind was writing waaay back. Thanks.

  2. Hey Dave!

    I am desperately searching the chess rom card for the Atari portfolio.
    Last time I lost an auction on this item where a competitive buyer bid the last 5 seconds in ebay… You believe it?!!
    Anyway I would really appreciated it if you could provide me any info on where I could find this item..

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Best regards,
    Efthimis from Greece.

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