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The last week or two has been quite the whirlwind, and we’re not through yet!

I’m about to head off to Pawtuckaway Lake in New Hampshire to go camping with friends for 4 days, so don’t expect any screamingly exciting updates from me for a bit.

Last week’s adventure at NAFPV2015 was a blast – I’ve posted an update with pictures over on the USDRA site (if you want to Save A Click, here’s the flickr album directly).

There’s other stuff going on, but right now I want to enjoy summer vacation, so I’ll head off. Stay tuned for more excitement… in a few days.

Off to NAFPV 2015!

For the next 4 days I’ll be in Stephentown, New York at the North American FPV Meet flyin, racin, and campin. For the most part I’ll be livetweeting on the USDRA Drone Racing twitter feed (please follow!) which will also be posting to the USDRA facebook page (please like!).

This’ll be an interesting test of going camping using Soylent as my primary food source also. The campsite where the event is has no running water and no food services, so I’m bringing a cooler, 2 days worth of premixed Soylent, plus a few snacks. We’ll see how this goes. 🙂

Race Baiting 101 by Matthew Cooke

I am continued to be amazed by the work of Matthew Cooke. His videos are clear, direct, and beautifully done. This one is particularly powerful, and, having wrestled with my place in the world regarding race, privilege, and status lately, this piece struck me pretty hard.

If you think you understand race issues, classes throughout US history, and how the we handle inequality, you should watch this, and it will either validate your positions, or enlighten you to what is happening in our country right now.

Second article on Drone Racing.

The Globe was out again for last Saturday’s race, and did another article on us, complete with video.

You hear it before you see it: a high-pitched whirring that sounds like a dive bomber crossed with the world’s largest bumblebee. This past Saturday, the buzz came from the edge of a large field in Berlin, just miles from where Interstate 495 meets Interstate 290 outside of Worcester. Moments­ later, there was a loud thwack, followed a sympathetic “ooh!” from a dozen spectators.

Full article here: Drone Racing Takes Off