Mastodon and Planet-Geek

I’m sure folks have heard of The Great Twitter Migration – after Elon Musk took on his scorched earth policy regarding his ownership of Twitter, and the fears that it will turn into a right wing fascist pit of despair, many have decided it was time to leave.

Mastodon, the opensource federated service that has many twitter-like features, seems to be winning the race, which, according to the stats tracker MastodonUserCount, is showing a staggering increase in users.

Because of the ActivityPub protocol, Mastodon basically acts as a messaging service – sometimes for ‘toots’ (short messages like tweets), notes, or other activity. It’s also very easy to link other services to.

To that end, Planet-Geek is now federated into mastadon, and posts I make here will show up via ‘@shevett’. THis is similar to the existing RSS feed, except the posts will appear as normal Mastodon posts under this user, and comments and replies will also appear as mastodon replies. If you reply on Mastodon, it’ll appear on the blog. Pretty cool huh?

So if you’re a Mastodon user, please follow me personally at, and the blog at @shevett.