5watt GMRS radios. Any opinions?

I’m considering replacing my el cheapo 1 watt FRS radios that I use for conventions and shows. They’ve been okay, and 2 years ago they were fine, but the headsets are terrible, and they don’t have enough ‘oomph’ to carry beyond a couple hundred feet, particularly in hotel buildings. I’ve noticed that Midland Radio nowRead More

A view of Iraq

From MSNBC, Newsweek’s Baghdad bureau chief Rob Nordlund is leaving his post there, and has some choice commentary. (Linked to from DailyKos). Living and working in Iraq, it’s hard not to succumb to despair. At last count America has pumped at least $7 billion into reconstruction projects, with little to show for it but theRead More

Life in the world of blogspam

In the blog world, it’s not surprising that Blog spam has become an ever increasing problem. People post links into comments on blogs, and if they stay put, they can help up the sites ranking in Google. Annoying as all git out. Fortunately, we have tools like Jay Allen’s MT Blacklist to help us poorRead More

Announcing the Mosaic Commons Blog

We’ve started a blog telling the story about the building of our Cohousing Community. Our goal is to let folks follow along as we plan, organize, and finally build our new home. Today was particularly exciting as we’ve just hit a major milestone. Check out blog.mosaic-commons.org for more details. Oh, and for the Livejournal folks,Read More

Try out Linux on your windows machine

Want to see a Linux desktop and play with it for a while, but don’t feel like burning your own CD or downloading big messy apps? Open Source Region Stuttgart has a mechanism for starting a Linux desktop on your Windows machine just by clicking on a link. It doesn’t actually start Linux on yourRead More

Close but no banana.

It’s pretty common, on very large ‘index sites’, to do a google ad associated with whatever search term / information you’re looking for. The idea is “If they came here looking for this, they must be interested in it elsewhere”. That’s all fine and well, but a lot of the time it just doesn’t translate.Read More