AT&T Blinks…

I try not to just blatantly repost things I see on other blogs, but this one is worth boosting up a little bit. About a week ago, it came to light that AT&T had truly heinous restrictions in their contracts that gave them the legal right to terminate your account if you said anything badRead More

Sick Day

Today I am, alas, home sick. Something horrible has taken up residence in my sinuses and is producing an amazing amount of… well, you get the picture. Colds like this turn my brain to tapioca. I can’t focus, I can’t get into the groove I need to get things done. So I’m taking this opportunityRead More

Not so much with the doom.

Today, I shall not rant about Verizon. What, I hear you cry? But Dave, you’ve certainly let your feelings about Verizon be known before, has something changed? As far as their offerings and their choices for what to do with the subscriber base? No, for the most part, I’m still pretty annoyed at them. But,Read More

Well smack me with a trout.

I feel somewhat foolish. I’ve been looking around for local places to go work on my laptop that are outside chez geek. My needs are pretty basic I think… Quiet comfortable space, wireless net access, a power outlet, and coffee. I’ve found a space that covers everything but the coffee, and I feel foolish forRead More