Rockin in the Workshop

So there’s this house we’re calling Interlude. It’s a rental, we’re living in it since we sold Homeport and is our home until Mosaic is ready for us, sometime late next year. It has a usable basement, with a high ceiling and dry floors. Not particularly warm in the winter, but usable. I’ve moved myRead More


Photo_122707_004 Originally uploaded by eidolon Today Zach and I spent all day at Wachusett Mountain near Princeton, MA. It was his first time back on skis after a 3 year hiatus. He did great, and a lesson early in the afternoon just made it all the better. The weather was ‘wet’ – sort of betweenRead More

Well, Dang.

We just got mail saying that the XO Laptop for Zach won’t arrive until at least January 15th. On the one hand, I’m glad they let us know so I can stop frantically hitting <refresh> on Fedex’s website, but I’m sad because he won’t have it for his vacation. I am consolidated knowing that ourRead More


Extrapolating from a conversation on IRC today… I swear OkCupid is the place budding ‘web 2.0’ programmers go to see how badly they can screw up a busy site, and still stay in business. They’ve gone through a dozen site ‘overhauls’ in the last few years, rewriting the entire thing into some new funky dynamicRead More

View from my hotel room

20071213 New Jersey 043 Originally uploaded by eidolon I’m down in NJ this week working for my client. This is the view out my hotel room this morning. Folks up in Boston have been slammed with the first big winter storm, we just got some ice and sleet. By the way, this at the ChaunceyRead More


A few times in the past year I’ve commented to my lovely wife regarding coffeemakers, and gosh-wouldn’t-it-be-nice if we had one that had a timer on it. I generally make a pot of coffee each morning, which involves the standard wash out the pot and gold filter, grind a new set of beans, fill upRead More

Our home.

IMG_2072.JPG Originally uploaded by eidolon Yesterday I went over to the site for our once-a-month allowable visit onto the property while construction is going on. It was a nippy 18 degrees out, and the sky had that slate gray of “I’m a-gonna snow on you!” look (and in fact, did drop about 2″ of snowRead More

OLPC First Deployment

A blog post about the first OLPC deployment. Uruguay. About a thousand machines were given out in three days. Another seven thousand will be given out in Uruguay in the next two weeks, and another 90 thousand in the coming months. Peru is next: they signed an order for 260 thousand today. Awesome.