Weird Ways of Working

I was gone all weekend on a wonderful camping trip, hence the radio silence. Today I’m back in the saddle, and faced with an annoying situation with my home setup. I’ve come to the conclusion ‘yawl’ just can’t cut it as a development host. I had no idea that Pentium 4 CPU’s were such garbage.Read More

Want to be a lighthouse keeper?

Saw this come across a sailing list I’m on. Scituate Lighthouse is looking for a new keeper… “A lot of people have a romantic notion of living in a lighthouse,” said historical society president David Ball. “There are responsibilities that go with it. There’s a lot more to it than people think. It takes aRead More

A decent ride today. Phew

While Zach was out to lunch with Rosa, I decided to take the bike in to town with me, and ride around Cambridge. I don’t get much opportunity to ride in town, so I thought it would be a good opportunity. I managed to avoid all the downpours that were skirting through the area, andRead More

And another one done.

Today is the last day of the National Cohousing Conference at Bentley College in Waltham, MA. I, naturally, was providing CONGO for registration and badging, and oddly enough, everything went smoothly. Systems and printers all worked as planned, no last minute badge panic, and the database worked great. In the background, I’m starting work onRead More

Hooray Dell!

Wait, what? Hooray Dell? Dave, have you gone MAD? Nope! I finally managed to get Dell tech support to acknowledge that the fan in clipper was shot. Last time we went through a service call, the suggested fix was a BIOS upgrade. (Folks may remember the problem was that clipper would overheat doing just basicRead More

Life Update – Volleyball!

ZOMG sore ouchie wow. Yes dear readers, it must be the beginning of summer. And that means… VOLLEYBALL! Last night I had my second evening playing (first was last Thursday). All the old muscles are creaking back to life, and ones I had forgotten existed are making themselves known. On the court, I’m playing farRead More