A View from my Porch

Ahh, it’s wonderful stepping out on my porch in the morning, sitting down with my coffee, and viewing the awesome vista laid out before me… and my laptop. The nifty thing about this is some of these WAPs are in Camelot, about a hundred yards north.

Feeding the Tweets

I find myself doing a heck of a lot of twittering lately. The updated version of Twitterrific has an excellent interface, allowing me to post pictures, follow threads, do things like like “show me tweets that are coming from nearby me physically” (which has led me to make some new friends!). This unfortunately has meantRead More

TechGripe – iPhone Mail app

First and foremost, I still love my iphone. It’s become my internet-in-your-pocket device. When I’m not carrying it, I feel like something’s missing. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s faults – and today’s itch is with the Mail app. I have Mail configured to chat with the Exchange 2007 server at work (whichRead More