I Dig It – iPhone Digging Game

It seems like there’s a steady stream of games flowing into the Apple Appstore. Some are awful, some are obviously simple reskinning of existing games, but if you don’t mind sifting through the dross, you can find some true gems. “I Dig It” from InMotion Software is one of those gems.

A tractor for Mosaic

We’ve been hunting around for an inexpensive rider mower for Mosaic ever since we moved in. Since the playfield is getting close to mowing length, I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t find something in time. We found this little fellow at a roadside mechanics house up here in Maine. He always has snowblowers, mowers,Read More


During my brief stint in college, I was required to take a ‘phys ed’ credit every trimester. Not being a particularly sporty person at the time, I decided to try ‘Juggling’, and was immediately hooked.