The man I look up to in music.

My hero. This is Vic Wooten, to my mind the best blues/funk/jazz/fusion/whatever electric bass player alive today. I’ve met him in real life, after a Bela Fleck concert in Somerville. He’s not a particularly tall man, quiet, small hands, but is magic on the bass. [youtube] The instrument he’s using is of the sameRead More

ZoobTube for RadioParadise!

This is pretty durned cool. A fellow has whipped up a sort of digital kaleidoscope that streams audio from Radio Paradise and generates a topical video montage using video from YouTube and images from Flickr. Sometimes it’s rather striking, sometimes it’s just weird. Check it out at


I’m sore. I hurt. Ow. Last night the band played a 3 1/2 hour gig in Marlboro. I’m beginning to understand why a lot of musicians, particularly folks who haul their own gear, are in reasonable physical shape. For my part, I just have my smallish amp, my guitar, and a parts / stuff bagRead More

New Toy!

Well, I think this means I’ve finally gone overboard. Ever since I’ve been playing ‘seriously’ with the band and actually going out and -gigging-, I’ve had to knuckle under and come to the realization that yes. I am a musician. In fact, I’m a bass player. I play a lovely Fender J-bass electric guitar IRead More