ZoobTube for RadioParadise!

This is pretty durned cool. A fellow has whipped up a sort of digital kaleidoscope that streams audio from Radio Paradise and generates a topical video montage using video from YouTube and images from Flickr. Sometimes it’s rather striking, sometimes it’s just weird. Check it out at DionLeroux.com.

Digital image post-processing

Over the last few years I’ve been learning more and more about digital photography and what is necessary to take a decent picture. What I’ve been ignoring up until now is the importance of post-processing. To me that’s something folks do in magical tools like Photoshop using mystical hand-waving and “File->Picture->Make Better” type operations. ButRead More

Hedges in Natick

hedgerow Originally uploaded by eidolon. Winter in the Boston ‘burbs. Along Rt 27 near the house (see next picture) was a set of trees sculpted by the local BMW dealer to hide their storage lot. I found the contrast of the snow, the trees, and the sky fascinating.


It’s rare that I find an online service that I really get sunk into right off the bat, but Flickr.com has me totally roped in. Some friends of mine have been using it for general picture sharing, and although I knew a bit about it, my experience with other picture sites (Shutterfly, some others) hasRead More

Fall in New England

I spent some time yesterday walking an abandoned rail line in Sudbury, MA. I’d been there once before and remembered the bridge. I didn’t however count on the runoff from all the rain we’ve had lately, so the water was very high (the big I-beams that support the bridge were half submerged). Also, late summerRead More

Inversion House!

This is just too cool. Havel and Ruck will create a large funnel-like vortex beginning from the west wall adjacent to Montrose Blvd. The exterior skin of the houses will be peeled off and used to create the narrowing spiral as it progresses eastward through the small central hallway connecting the two buildings and exitingRead More