Fun with virtual host aliases

With some help from the folks on the #apache channel on, I’ve set up a bunch of aliases for the blog. So you can now URL to the blog as ‘’ or any other variations, such as ‘dbs’ ‘dave’ ‘geek’ ‘shayde’, etc, and they’ll all go to the same place.
The trick is to have multiple ServerAlias lines, or a single one with a bunch of names after seperated with spaces. That combined with a named wildcard entry for, and voila!
Neat, huh?

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One thought on “Fun with virtual host aliases

  1. I can show you how to make “shortcuts” for things you link to frequently. It makes life easier because then you can just write :Jas: and it’ll replace that with a link to me, etc.
    Lemme know if that interests you.

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