Lunacon HO!

I’m at Lunacon this weekend in Rye, NY. It’s a very relaxing, enjoyable event we’ve been going to for years. Unfortunately, this’ll be the last time at this hotel (a hotel referred to as the Escher Hilton, due to it’s odd floor arrangements). Lunacon has simply outgrown the space.
It’s sort of odd going to an event thatt I’m -not- working at. I’m relaxing, enjoying company, and basically having a nice time. How strange!
At the moment I’m in fair-geek-heaven. I’m sitting in the pool area, watching Zach play in the pool with some other kids. I’m on the laptop (alas, plugged in – battery power is not so hot), with reasonable wireless coverage. On the one hand, I’m such a geek. On the other hand, I’m getting some things done, and enjoying it. I even got some Real Live Work [tm] done prepping some artwork with a designer for an event coming up.
Should be back in Boston tomorrow [Sunday] afternoon, then an event meeting Sunday evening in town (at the infamous Boston Park Plaza!).
More good geeky stuff to come 🙂


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