Stop using IE. Really. It’s not just me.

Folks in the biz have been telling users for years that Internet Explorer is a garbage browser. The waves of incompatabilities and just plain boneheaded design decisions weren’t enough to sway most people.
Now though, the security issues in IE have gotten to the point where it would be foolish to even use IE as your primary browser.
The Motley Fool site has an article on the recent viral attack on Internet Explorer. They point out:

At the beginning of this development, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, or CERT, and Internet Storm Center reportedly suggested that Windows users not use the most widespread Web browser out there -- Internet Explorer. (It seems that machines running Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Linux operating systems were safe from the threat, including those using Internet Explorer for Mac.)
This is not just the geeks saying this, folks. This is CERT, one of the most widely respected organizations regarding security on the net. And this isn’t a “You idiot, you clicked on an attachment in Outlook? Don’t do that!” sort of situation. Your machine can and may already have been hijacked without you even knowing it, and you’ve done nothing wrong other than gone to check out the news on
Go to Mozilla’s Firefox page, download Firefox, and enjoy safe browsing without popups, withour virii, and the bonus of a stable, well designed, FAST browser.
I swear, it’s almost time to put up those annoying pages that say “You’re too foolish to run a real web browser. We don’t support Internet Explorer.


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4 thoughts on “Stop using IE. Really. It’s not just me.

  1. ok, I downloaded FireFox and Thunderbird, but me being the less than proficient computer person, can’t figure out how to get the network mail I receive at work onto Thunderbird…do you do consulting work…
    And Hi this is Crissy…from last Arisia, worked at the Reg table.

  2. Sure, I do consulting work 🙂 I’ve actually never worked with Thunderbird, my mail client of choice is Evolution, but Thunderbird, as far as I understand it, is simply a POP and IMAP client, so the setup should be fairly straightforward. What were you using before, and can’t your IT folks help out some?
    And Arisia reg is coming up again soon, wanna do it again? 🙂

  3. Haha I am the closest thing to an IT person we have around here…I’ll do some poking…and yes you’ll probably see me at Reg. I’m a glutton for punishment.

  4. okay, i added a “You’re running IE and you have JavaScript turned on” header to my home page. feel free to swipe at will.

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