Geek Confessional

I, dbs, admit, here and for all to see, that when coding on my huge 21″ Nokia monitor, at the screaming resolution of 1400×1050, I zoom my KVim editor window up to full screen, hiding everything else under a vast expanse of 8pt font.


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3 thoughts on “Geek Confessional

  1. I run 17″ monitors at 1600×1200. A nice high resolution means smoother fonts at decent sizes.

  2. At a long-ago job, I ran Windows 3.1 on a 14″ 1280×1024 fixed-frequency monitor (meant for CAD work). Now that was *tiny*.
    I generally prefer to make better use of my horizontal space by running two editing windows (Emacs, in my case) side by side, or an edit window and some compile/run/etc. windows.

  3. Unfortunately, this laptop can’t handle anything higher resolution – 1400×1050 is the maximum it can push, and that’s fine for me 😉

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