Gosh that was easy.

My mom usually has a list of things for me to do everytime I come over with Zach on Wednesday evenings. Normal honey-do sort of things, all par for the course.
She had told me that she needed to make an appointment with the dealer to get the headlights fixed on her ’91 Subaru Legacy wagon. I did the standard Guy thing and said “HEY! Wait! Just a headlight out? No problem! Just get the new bulbs, and I’ll put them in.”
Now, I can already hear folks going “Noooo! Doom!” – but sure enough, mom had the bulbs (and an earful of lectures from the do-gooders at the parts store… “Don’t let him touch the bulbs! They’ll explode!” – they apparentloy went on at length about this. I know they’re halogen bulbs, guys. Thanks.)
I came over tonight, opened up the hood on the car, undid a little wire clip and the bulb popped out into my hand. Slipped in the new bulb, reattached the wire and clip, and bing! Done! One more on the other side, and voila. All of 7 minutes for the entire process, including time to walk out to the car and unwrap the bulbs.
Last time I did a replacement was on my ’88 Bronco II, and it involved disassembling the whole light assembly and putting a whole new fixture in.
Aint’ technology grand? 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Gosh that was easy.

  1. Not necessarily a “guy” thing, I’d say… I’ve replaced the headlight bulbs in probably 4 cars (mostly Hondas) since it’s ridiculously easy and cheap. Though I’ll admit that that’s just about the only car repair/maintenance I’ve ever done on my own.

  2. I replaced the bulbs in my truck and the headlights need re-leveling now. Apparently they’re wonky. Want to come over and fix them? I figure I’ll only make things worse if I try again. 🙂

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