Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

This morning I finally did my first donation to the International Red Cross’s Disaster Relief Fund for operations in not only South Asia, but also in Sudan and Indonesia. I thought for a bit where I could best place my donation where it wouldn’t be used for political counting or lining someone elses pockets (even Amazon gets a slice of money sent through them, and any other forum that is collecting money can say “Such and such a political organization raised $xxx for relief…”.
I wanted to avoid all that, and go directly to the people doing the work. I strongly recommend everyone to do the same. We live in the worlds richest country; we have the luxury of choosing to give some of our wealth away. Why not do some good with it, and donate to those who can put that money to work, helping those hurting the most.
Donate to the American Red Cross.


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2 thoughts on “Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

  1. Amazon *says* that they are giving 100% of the money they are collecting. I’ve read in a number of places that they’re taking a cut. Any evidence?

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