Dayblogging Arisia – Day 3

End of the con. We’ve been calling this sort of ‘Arisia ’05 – The Extended Edition’. Many folks decided to just stay in the hotel this evening, and try to make our way home tomorrow. We hauled out the Registration terminals and set up a LAN game of FreeCiv – since I was done with services for Arisia, it was nice just to relax and game for a while.
Now the laptop is the last thing that needs to be put away, and the rest of the work is done. All the terminals and printers are packed up in the shipping cases, and we’ll load them out into the van tomorrow.
I’m tired, but it’s a mostly good tired. A lot of things learned, we’re already making plans for next years event.
The word of the day is ‘snow!’ – 18-20″ of snow fell overnight, and it’s windy as all git out. There’s nasty storm surge along the cape. Boston is basically shut down, state of emergency all over the place.
The hotel internet link is up and down, so I haven’t been able to post that much (not to mention being horrifically busy). Most folks are extending their hotel stays through Monday, opting out of even attempting travel.
The con has gone well – I’ve got a fantastic team working with me, things have gone really well. I’ve almost gotten enough sleep too, how weird! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Dayblogging Arisia – Day 3

  1. Staying an extra night may well have been the smart plan… Digging back into the house Sunday night was an adventure… Glad to hear that you had a good con weekend, I know I did.

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