Slashdot is dead. Long live Boingboing!

I’ve always been a long time fan of Slashdot, with its hordes of geeks just waiting to descend on unsuspecting websites, and subject them to the Slashdot Effect.
The problem is that Slashdot has set the bar as to what a news / geek site should be. The style hasn’t changed in 5 years, and 99% of the traffic on the site now are the overly chatty forums. I rarely look into the forums – they tend to be swamped by trolls and constant reiteration of the “Microsoft sucks! Everything GPL!” argument over and over again.
Lately though, the one benefit of Slashdot, that being timely and interesting news, has been usurped. For a while now, Slashdot’s content has been deteriorating. Where it used to be chock full of fun articles with a couple high-point details, it’s degenerated into a low-volume badly targeted site.
Blogging has moved into the space where Slashdot used to reign supreme. In particular, BoingBoing, to me, has better edited, more detailed, and more relevant postings lately. In particular, there have been a number of articles that BoingBoing has posted 1-2 days -before- Slashdot has, making Slashdot just appear like another follower, perpetuating links and articles that have already been published elsewhere.
I now have Boingboing in my Sage RSS feeds, and I rarely look at Slashdot anymore.


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