Which ten commandments?

In a time when there are judges demanding the 10 commandments be displayed in public venues of justice, it’s interesting to ask the question “WHICH 10 commandments?”
Oh, didn’t know there were several? Each branch of judeo-christian theology has a slightly different set (some are dramatically different).
This page has a great summary of the various versions.

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2 thoughts on “Which ten commandments?

  1. There is a an old Navy saying about scrounging in shipyards. “Thou shalt not steal deos not apply.”
    I was once told, by a Chief I worked for, that there was no 8th commendment in a shipyard. He was going off the Protestant version, and while I appreciated the bit about false witness, I asked why he needed to reiterate it. This was the first time I became aware of the difference.

  2. Which 10?
    The ones from the movie.
    Most of the displays out there are from the Eagles club placements from the 1950s, which were conceived as a publicity stunt by the studio which produced the film.
    That’s why the tablets look just like the ones held up by what’s-his-name on the Big Screen…
    The comparative listings are interesting, tho — thanks for sharing 🙂

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