‘claimit’ updated.

I threw together a tool last year to help with big giveaways on Freecycle-like mailing lists like Craigslist and, on a far smaller scale, Greaterboston-Reuse. The problem was dealing with large lists of things, and who gets what, and if stuff is still available or not, and the inevitable long exchanges of emails about where things are, if such and such is around, and can you hold on to something for me…
Enter Claimit, where I’ve been postings piles of things we’re giving away as we get ready to move out of this house. I just did a code update of it, adding some new functionality and cleaning up some rough edges, but so far it’s helped us manage dozens of items being given away, out of lists of a few hundred, and more are going up each day.
It’s been a good test of the concept, and while it’s not quite ready for the volume of traffic Craigslist would generate, it’s slowly maturing into a great little tool.
(And, if you’re -in- the Boston area, and want any of the stuff we’re giving away, feel free to check it out 🙂


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5 thoughts on “‘claimit’ updated.

  1. I’ve got a couple of comments about ClaimIt. First, the fact that items are releaseable is a good thing, especially since there’s no confirmation of an initial Claim. Second, a “Waitlist me” option would be useful to you, in the event that someone releases an item, or someone Claims something but then never shows to pick it up (or fails to contact you in a timely manner, or whatever other conditions the person running the giveaway imposes).

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