A Fable for the Age

The folks over at Penny Arcade are having a rough day. Apparently Gabe doesn’t quite grok the concept of backups in the total Zen sense…

I can remember being so proud of him three years ago when he braved the Morlocks at CompUSA and picked up a little USB backup drive. Now, I’m not even sure he knew what he was buying. This is what he did when he got it: he copied every crucial thing off of his computer, to the backup drive, at which point he imagined some mysterious process was, shit, I don’t know. Mummifying his data. Our data, everything we’ve ever done.
I’m not, like, Mr. Computer guy, but this I know: there are no small men in a backup drive who will rub your data with oils. Oils of any kind.
He brought it to me like a wounded thing, scorched around the front, as though it had fallen through the atmosphere.

Read the strip, and article including Tycho’s response.


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