A step forward.

Since we moved into the new house, I haven’t had much opportunity to try and get things in my workspace / room / office organized. When there was energy to move things around, I worked on the public spaces. Hey, it’s only my room, right?
Today I spent some time cleaning up my workspace, prepping to do more work on it (new lights, chair arrangements, etc). It’s much tidier now, and I can look at it and go “RIght. New light there, new monitor there… and…”
But while it’s clean, here’s what it looks like. Since I work fulltime at home, I spend anywhere from 8 hours to ‘all my waking time, save trips to eat and use the loo’ in that spot.


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4 thoughts on “A step forward.

  1. Are those the same desks you had before? They seem more desk-ish than table-ish.
    Nice arrangement though. 🙂

  2. Theyre basically worktables. Desks without drawers, but quite large (6′ and 4 1/2′ I believe). They’re quite strong and have not stained or dinged since I got them almost 10 years ago. They need a little tightening now (one squeaks), but that’s about it.
    The desks for the most part I’m happy with. Other arrangements shall be updated. As I type, mychair is sitting on a new rolly-pad (the old one, also about 10 years old, finally had too many cracks and holes in it to be useful)

  3. New chair mats are nice. 🙂 I guess the desks look sufficiently different to me from what I remember the old arrangement. If that makes sense.

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