A brief bit about Katrina

There’s not a lot to be said here that isn’t being said everywhere else on the web. It’s not a time for finger-pointing, blame-gaming, or politicing. None of that will help the people who need help right now.
The logistics for me going to Louisiana to help out in person would be complex and ultimately not very helpful, as I’m not a trained emergency volunteer. It may seem crass, haughty, or elitist, but the best thing we can do right now is send money. The American Red Cross has consistently and IMHO skillfully handled disaster after disaster, avoiding politics and scandal (other than those created by folks who like nothing better than creating scandal out of nothing). During this time, they need our support more than anything, as they are the most organized and have the best planning for this sort of disaster.
I’ve donated. I encourage anyone who has the means to donate. $100 to them would mean meals and blankets and shelter to a family for weeks. There are thousands of families who need this help now.

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2 thoughts on “A brief bit about Katrina

  1. Do you know your assistance wouldn’t be helpful? I’ve heard rumors that they are turning down volunteers who aren’t trained emergency personnel, but I don’t know if that is just in N.O. proper, or throughout the disaster zone. I would think that people with rare and specific skills such as yourself might actually be useful. Check this out: http://www.redcross.org/article/0,1072,0_312_4517,00.html
    Red Cross is using grocery store swipe cards to keep track of everyone at the Astrodome in a database. Sounds like a place an experienced systems engineer might be useful.

  2. I’m trying to get through to the volunteer services links on redcross.org, it’s totally swamped. I’ve talked to someone else now and they’re working on another tack (apparently Habitat for Humanity may be looking for folks who can swing a hammer)

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