Fall in New England

I spent some time yesterday walking an abandoned rail line in Sudbury, MA. I’d been there once before and remembered the bridge. I didn’t however count on the runoff from all the rain we’ve had lately, so the water was very high (the big I-beams that support the bridge were half submerged). Also, late summer growth made the trail a lot harder to walk.
Regardless, there were some beautiful scenes…


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4 thoughts on “Fall in New England

  1. It’s so pretty here this time of year. I haven’t gotten out much (work from home apparently means Lisa is just at home always) but I appreciate the trees when I drive on 95 & 90.

  2. Nice pix!
    That’s the Central Mass. line, right? I biked the Weston stretch of it once, out to where it crosses Rte. 20 in Wayland.

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