So, how DO you meet women on the Net? Ask ClueChick!

It’s the age old conundrum. If you’re a guy, and you’re looking for friends, dates, or romance on the net, you’re immediately at a disadvantage. It’s generally up to the guy to take the initiative. So how DO you reply to the personal ad of that wonderfully sexy person on OkCupid or Craigslist and not sound like a total dweeb?
There is help! Enter ClueChick! Her job? Help the poor schmoes like yourself come across as something other than slobbering hordes of testosterone. She’s taken on the admirable role of educating the masses on how to function in the online dating scene. Not only how to answer ads, but how to choose which ads to answer, and what to say in those responses.
An excellent read, whether you’re on the lookout or just interested in an up front and honest statement about what to do, what not to do, and what to AVOID AVOID AVOID!


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