Good Programmer. Have a biscuit!

Occasionally, an application does something unexpectedly right.
I’ve switched to using KMail as my primary mail client in my continued immersion into All That Is KDE. So far it’s a capable, well performing, surprisingly robust IMAP mail client.
This morning it surprised me by doing something unexpectedly pleaseant. I was editing / writing a new mail message (new window open, everything) when I realized i hadn’t set an identity for sending mail to this particular group. I use identities so a copy of my outbound mail is saved into the same folder I use for that list). So i flipped back to the main window, went to identities, set up a new one, and went back to my new message editor. Without really expecting it to be there, i clicked the down arrow on Identity, and lo, the new one was there.
I had expected needing to save a draft and re-run the editor to have it ‘reload’ the identities, but KMail just did the right thing and had it all set up for me on the fly.
Sometimes. Occasionally. Programmers do neat stuff.


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One thought on “Good Programmer. Have a biscuit!

  1. Yep, KMail can do nifty things, and embedding into Kontact can also be very hand. My KMail has taken to crashing once in a while, which I need to sort out, but I can’t say I’m displeased with it.

    If you didn’t know, you can bind identities to specific SMTP servers for sending, and you can bind identities to specific folders, regardless of local vs IMAP vs disconnected IMAP. I use that at work all the time to ensure that replying to mail in my ‘Support’ folder sends as my Support account, which is in turn bound to a specific SMTP server.

    Oh, other nifty integration is Kopete into Kontact/KMail via the addressbook 🙂

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