Castle Island, Boston, MA


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While waiting to go to the New England Boat Show, Zach and I walked around Castle Island, home of Fort Independence, a well known sight to anyone who has sailed or boated in Boston Harbor.

It was extremely windy, and cold (well, it’s February in Boston. Whadya think?) but the clouds and light were just too beautiful to ignore.

This particular shot (one of 3 of this setting) was actually shot while sitting in the van getting up the gumption to go walk outside. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Castle Island, Boston, MA

  1. Neat!
    The Back Bay Pedalers’ “Midnight Ride” of Boston every summer always ends with breakfast at Fort Independence at dawn. It’s a fantastic, glorious sight.

  2. I was noticing that biking around there must be wonderful. That entire concourse from the castle down around the bay past the bayside expo looks like a great ride.
    I’m so psyched for riding 🙂

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