Flat out documentation proving Bush Lied. Again.

Just have to share this one.
According to the Washington Post, A tape has surfaced documenting FEMA officials warning Bush directly that this storm could very well be “the big one”. The one to break the levees, destroy the superdome, wreck the city. Bush’s response? “We are fully prepared”.

Without a doubt, the tape provides evidence that the White House received ample warning of the catastrophe. Yet within days of that videoconference, Mr. Bush would excuse the federal government’s extraordinarily poor performance by telling an interviewer that “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” Moreover, at the time of the conference the White House had no idea whether federal emergency services were truly prepared. On the tape, the president doesn’t ask any questions about preparedness, and there is no evidence in documents since released that he was any more engaged before or after the conference. Had anyone called the Defense Department? Was the National Guard en route? Were local Army bases prepared to help? Were emergency food and water supplies in place? The president, like everyone around him, appears to have assumed that everything would run like clockwork, just as it was supposed to on paper.

Why is it no surprise that no one trusts anything this man says anymore?


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7 thoughts on “Flat out documentation proving Bush Lied. Again.

  1. Because of this burying and hiding of the truth, I believe it’s the responsibility of the blogger and ‘net community to get messages like this around. This isn’t just sham reporting – this is for real. If the Post (which is quite conservative) ran the article, I’d say this is accurate, but they buried it to remove weight.
    So take up the call – and make sure folks see this, and get it around.

  2. Well, yes but…..
    So the current predident of Italy is a crook, I hear. Everyone knows he’s a crook. He managed to get the statute of limitations changed just in time to get himself off the hook.
    Why would they elect him? Well, Italians take for granted that all politicians are crooks. It’s not whether he’s a crook that matters — it’s everything else.
    Similarly, I hear, American’s believe all politicians are liars. So, really, proving that one lies accomplishes nothing.
    I mean, I know Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky. Do I care? Of course not. I think it was totally reasonable for him to lie about it, under the circumstances.
    I imagine Bush supporters feel the same way about him, here.

  3. I imagine Bush supporters feel the same way about him, here.
    I don’t agree actually. Bush has lost vast support from his base. His popularity is the lowest of any president since the Depression. Republicans are distancing themselves from him left and right because many of his views are, frankly, not Republican.
    The other side is I rarely hear conservatives JUSTIFYING Bush’s actions. That would be an admission that he actually did them. They tend to say these things never happened, or ignore them completely.

  4. The Washington Post is conservative? That’s a new one on me. The Washington _Times_ is conservative. The Post is pretty solidly left-of-center.

  5. What surprises/scares me is that some people DO trust what this man says. Sure, his ratings are at “an all-time low” (again), but there are still 34% (or 43%, or whatever) of people out there who think -he’s doing a fine job.- WTF?

  6. As I’ve said for a while now, there is a certain percentage of people who will not abandon Bush until he performs a partial-birth abortion on live national TV and eats the fetus.

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