The State of the Geek

Posting has been at an all time low lately. I think it’s a combination of “Do people really want to hear the drivel I’m spouting?” coupled with “I’d like to contribute something useful, but this just seems boring.”
Ah well, here’s some more yammerings for ya.

It’s been a geek-erific couple days on the hardware front. We had a Lan-party-esque get together hoohah on Sunday that involved insta-network-setup. A quick trip to CompUSA netted me another pair of Linksys 10/100 switches (down to $35 each for an 8 port ‘workgroup switch’. Remember when these puppies were $10 a port? For a hub?). This gives me a total of 4 switches, which should be enough to handle on-site operations of CONGO, even at the largest installs.
The network held up okay to the traffic, but my Myth box, which got the brunt of the load, didn’t do so hot. Even though we’re up to a whopping half a terabyte of storage on it (!!!), the primary boot drive started throwing errors. I suspect I’m actually oveheating the chassis now (3 HD’s, CDRom, Athlon 1400, video, and the WinTV PVR-150 card, and the only fan in the box is the one on the power supply. Think it’s time for some new ventilation. My motherboard is quite old, I’m not sure if I can even get temperature and fan control on it. *SIGH*, might be time for an upgrade.
My laptop, ‘hunter’, has returned from IBM service! Yay! I have to continue my happy joy joy commentary about the IBM walk-in service warranty stuff. I got this laptop over 2 years ago, and use it like crazy, and repairs to it are -still- free. This visit was a new motherboard and new battery (bonus!). Of course, I’ve switched much of my ‘desktop’ operation stuff over to ‘yawl’, the new Dell 260. It’s really quite the bees knees in performance vs cost. Cost on ebay was $140, plus 2gig of memory for it, and I have a pretty zippy 2.4gig desktop machine for < $250. And it's small and quiet!
That's pretty much the news. Probably a wave of other upgrades coming down the pike soon – MythTV upgrade, probably also a new TV for that (27" old skool television really isn't cutting it for watching movies and games and playing music.


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5 thoughts on “The State of the Geek

  1. I had great fun on Sunday. Hopefully the Mythbox will be happy again. Otherwise you’ll have to figure out how to keep using that case (isn’t that the one with the pretty artwork?).

  2. Here’s to hoping the Mythbox makes a speedy and full recovery. 🙂
    As far the posting doldrums… it happens to everyone. It helps to remind yourself that we DO continue to read your blog, by choice. (Yeah, even when we don’t necessarily comment right away… or at all.)

  3. You got a free new battery? Wow, they must really like you.
    Hey, your desktop sounds really good. Can you get me a similar machine for my home? 🙂

  4. I enjoy the drivel, even when it’s not useful. It’s usually interesting and sometimes even is relevant to my life. About what I expect from the things my friends posts. My standards for my own postings are higher, but I think if my friends were truthful with me, they’d inform me that I don’t meet my standards. But as long as they don’t stop reading completely, I’ll assume that I’m amusing them enough that I can feel OK about my posts.

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