Lo I am converted

This weekend I’m down in DC doing registration services for an event – more detail on this later, but I have to gush a moment.
The hotel room here is your fairly standard ‘big chain’ accomodation, except for one minor touch.
The king-sized bed has a Tempurpedic mattress on it.
I’m so hooked. It’s the only mattress I’ve ever slept on where I could lie on my side comfortably, from head to toe. It gave enough in the hips to let me settle in, but supported everything else nicely. That, coupled with absolutely no motion from other occupants – I’m completely hooked.
If they weren’t so fripping expensive, I’d be, er, on top of one in an instant. As it is, I need to get into a place where dropping $800 on a king sized tempur-pedic mattress is a comfortable expenditure. Not to mention we just got up a new futon, so buying another mattress now really doesn’t make a ton of sense. Ah well.


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One thought on “Lo I am converted

  1. Did you find that it was very warm to sleep on? I know that the warmer I get, the mushier my pillow gets (it’s a Tempur Pedic one). I’d be worried that with my crazy nighttime body heat, I’d get swallowed up by the bed as it got softer where I was warm. 🙂

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