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I recently got pointed at an ongoing contest on Java Unlimited whereby folks are encouraged to write a game that compiles into less than 4k. The size is calculated based on the JAR file resulting from the build, and must include all graphics, sounds, and logic.
I recommend folks looking for some light entertainment go over and look through the various contest results (hint: sort the entrants by ‘DL’ (downloads), and look for the ones that have been downloaded the most – that usually indicates a good game).
The one that has me totally hooked is Miners4k (home page here). The feel of the game is similar to Lemmings and definitely has the “I’ll keep clicking for the next half hour and watch little guys moving” feel to it.
Other ones I recommend:
Pipe Extreme – Fly the pipe!
Cubis – A simple Cubis implementation
fuzetsu – Hard to explain, just try it.
As always, all these games run via webstart, so will work under windows, mac, and linux.


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7 thoughts on “Teeny wonderful games

  1. Argh. Not sure if it’s a bug in Apple/Java or in the program, but when you get to level three and the playing field is supposed to be 1024 pixels tall, it only shows the first 480 (which is what is allocated in the program in a bunch of spots). Le sigh. No wonder I couldn’t get past that!

  2. I won this game, but I was asleep. I played until the bonus screen, which is 800 guys, 99999 pieces to get, and 199999 seconds to do it in. Right when I was going to give up, I found a buggy spot where guys were getting gold but the gold piece wasn’t getting smaller. So I set up a circuit whereby guys would get gold there, climb up to drop it off, and then get back down there to get another piece. Then I made some tuning improvements – I’ve invented a lovely arrangement that I install in upward-going ramps to make sure that guys who turn around to go backwards are quickly rerouted to go back the right way. I fiddled around to optimize for seconds used per 100 gold pieces collected. Then I went to bed. 4 hours later, by my calculations, I won the bonus round. However, when I came down to see in the morning, it was just a white screen.

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