Music for a Mood Change

There are times when I get down, or quiet, or just generally “off”. I can almost always turn these moods around with a solid shot of loud intense music. Today it’s delivered while sitting at Panera and working on some server changes.
The track I’m listening to? “Spocks Beard“, doing “I Am The Doorway”. Never heard of ’em? Think a modern day Yes (in fact the bass player sounds almost identical to Chris Squire).
So what’s your “Go away world, I want to be in my head for a while” music?


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10 thoughts on “Music for a Mood Change

  1. dave matthews, the CD called “crash”, and i get really annoying about it. i’ve been known to program in “two step” and “crash” and just let those two songs play, over and over, probably for a few hours. quite a few papers in grad school were written to that soundtrack…
    also, carol noonan band, noonan building and wrecking.
    and lots of others. sometimes calm, sometimes highly-energized. it varies.

  2. @mew
    I can go up and down on Dave Matthews music – i’m blown away by it’s complexity and detail, but sometimes it’s too involved to work to. Crash is wonderful, as is Crush (those single letter C names I guess).
    DMB is such an enigma. Why such a talented, fantastic band has rabid drunken fratboys as their core following completely eludes me. I’d love to go to a DMB concert, if all the beer swigging wankers would just stay home.

  3. Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young’s So Far album. “Deja Vu” makes me totally tune out the world. I feel every note — I imagine it’s like what “going to church” must feel like for those who dig church.
    Some DMB makes me do the same, specifically “Crash.”

  4. Depends entirely on the mood. Technoir. Linkin Park. Imogen Heap. Whatever’s currently in my “ooh, interesting” queue. 🙂

  5. McCartney. Or Ram. I still have my original vinyls.
    If it’s raining I do like Jesse Colin Young. Or Carole King.
    Yes, I am that old.

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