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When we first starting putting Mosaic together, I was all excited to exercise my basic scrounging skills and start accumulating stuff to fill out all our new spaces.

Alas, Mosaic took a LOT longer than expected to come to fruition, but now we can finally start getting all the bits we’ll need. Since we have a great room that can seat 60 or so folks for meals, we needed a lot of chairs.

Through the magic of the Harvard Recycling Program, yesterday morning we picked up 84 very sturdy ex-restaurant (or hotel, we’re not sure) chairs. They’re in great shape, if a bit orange, and very sturdy.

We have chairs!


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3 thoughts on “Chairs!

  1. No way they all fit into a mini van. How many trips did that take? Also, you saved huge amounts of money, those things are expensive, but will last for ever

  2. Oh definately not in the minivan – note there’s a trailer in the picture full of chairs 🙂
    Yeah, we know this saved us a ton. The next big challenge is to find banquet tables that aren’t destroyed. We have chairs, dishes, silver, serving stuff, etc – but no tables yet 🙁

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