KnetworkManager equivelent for Gnome?

Am I totally bonkers, or is there no Gnome equivelent of knetworkmanager for Gnome? This seems like a huge missing piece. (Knetworkmanager is a wireless network browse and configuration tool – a standard component of any modern OS).
I’m currently experimenting with using Gnome as my primary OS, and so far it’s doing quite well, but not being able to browse and connect to wireless networks graphically seems pretty glaring.
Or am I just missing something?


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4 thoughts on “KnetworkManager equivelent for Gnome?

  1. Yup. You’re missing something. 🙂
    NetworkManager under Gnome allows for the graphical browsing of wireless networks as well as handling settings for wired networks. It also handles the interface to vpnc for setting up vpn connections.
    I run Gnome (Ubuntu). When I start wireless in a new location, I’m presented with a list of available networks and their status (secure, not secure, etc.). I can point and click to connect.

  2. @Chris – I’ve tried NetworkManager, but I never get my tooltray icon. It just starts, and nothing happens. I noticed it launched a daemon (NetworkManager), and nm-tools shows it’s running, but no tooltray icon. Only when I do knetworkmanager do I see the tooltray icon.

  3. Aha. The missing package is ‘nm-applet’, which was buried in network-manager-gnome, which wasn’t installed for some reason (???).
    After aptitude installing that, all is well, and now when I log in, I have a happy wireless applet!

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