Are you a Perl geek? We’re looking for you!

My current employer is looking for a senior Perl developer. We’re located out in Littleton, MA. Full details of the position behind the cut. Feel free to poke me for any details. We use the standard LAMP (where P = Perl here) stack, in CGI / mod_perl configurations.

Senior Perl Web Application Developer
We are seeking a senior level web software developer, experienced in working with Perl and mod_perl in a linux/apache/mysql environment. The ideal candidate will be versatile across different technologies and roles.
The initial focus for the candidate will be to participate in the development of the latest music storefront and music download platform which will be deployed to multiple customers
• 4+ years Perl experience developing backend and/or web-based systems running in a Linux environment
• Solid SQL, schema design and relational database knowledge, preferably MySQL
• Experience with developing web services applications (REST, SOAP)
• Knowledge of daemons, cron jobs, and system requirements for high traffic, fault tolerant, 24×7 websites, supporting a service-oriented architecture
• Knowledge of XML, HTTP, TCP/IP, cgi, mod_perl, and Apache application server knowledge
• Familiar with version control software like SVN/perforce and bug tracking software
• Familiar with Log parsing and basic data analysis
• Self-motivated problem solver
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Engineer and implement new product features for perl web-based applications
• Optimize and enhance web applications with millions of page requests, high volume data logging and processing needs, and high performance requirements.
• Contribute architecture input to new system components, rewrites of legacy systems, etc.
• Adhere to design and software development standards. Maintain up to date knowledge of software development disciplines and best practices.
• Suggest technical approach to solve business issues and know when to raise issues to the next level.
• Provide technical support to QA and Operations during QA periods and production pushes.
• Mentor other engineers in company standards and development practices to help them become quality software developers
• Prioritize daily activities to accomplish assignments.
• Experience with client development involving markup languages (WAP/WML, xHTML, HTML, XML, XSLT) scripting languages (Javascript, Flash),Applets, and client applications.
• Familiarity with fundamental wireless technologies including SMS, MMS, WAP-Push, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, UMTS, EDGE, CDMA2000 (1xRTT, 1xEV-DO), W-CDMA.
Experience working in the mobile software applications industry


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