Not 64 bit.

Not 64 bit.

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Gall dang it.

‘ketch’ will be the new application server at our colo facility. I’vebeen slowly piecing it together and installing pieces on it.

Tonight I sat down to load Debian etch. Lo, it kept coming up with:

Your cpu does not support long mode

Turns out these are older Xeons, and are in fact not 64 bit. They’re also configured for hyperthreading, which I”m also hearing I should turn off.

Still, a pair of 2gig CPU’s will be a vast improvement over what we had, just not quite as shiny as I had hoped.

RAID1 configuration is continuing now. Debian’s RAID setup can be a little convoluted to set up on install, but I managed to wiggle my way through it.

Oh, a hint if you ever do this? Remember to leave a little space on your raid volumes for swap space. 2 40 gig drives mirrored to make one 40gig volume == no space for swap. Oops.


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5 thoughts on “Not 64 bit.

  1. I have a Xen server set up here at the house and some currently unused IP adddresses.
    I have also managed to really confuse the input on this page
    Please let me know if you need any virtual machines here

  2. But you can, of course, use a swap file on the mirror 40GB. Or, if you’d created the mirror as a hardware mirror, you could still break it up…

  3. @matt – nah, it’s not really hosting stuff I’m trying to build up – it’s not like i have tons of stuff i’m looking for places to put.
    Well, okay I am. But not that way. 🙂
    I’ll get this puppy up and running, thanks for the offer. 🙂

  4. @chris – well, sure. but it’s really not a good idea to mirror your swap volume (what’s the point?). I just shrank each volume in the set down 2 gig, and added each 2gig partition to swap.

  5. The point to mirroring your swap is to stop the kernel going ‘Aieeee, my swap vanished without swapoff!’ when one of the drives fails – losing paged-out data is not normally a Good Thing. As I understand it, you don’t take that much of a hit for using swap files on the main RAID these days, especially if you never actually hit swap.

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