Ubuntu Sound problem – won’t work after suspend – quick fix

Pursuant to my last post regarding PulseAudio problems under Intrepid, there appears to be a workaround.
The issue has to do with the PulseAudio system not being ‘suspended’ properly when a laptop goes into suspend. There’s a very easy way to sort of ‘nudge’ it back on track.
After resuming, type the following – this is done on my laptop ‘clipper’ :

dbs@clipper:~$ pacmd
Welcome to PulseAudio! Use "help" for usage information.
>>> suspend 0
>>> suspend 1
>>> <control-d>

I just tried this, and things started making noise appropriately – didn’t even need to restart Firefox to get youtube videos going again.
This is documented in Bug 202089 in the Ubuntu bugtracker, but I’m reproducing it here if folks can’t find the answer.


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