Mobile car-desk!

Okay, this thing is pretty neat. It’s a tubular frame for parking your laptop in the passenger seat of the car. It was reviewed on NewsForge, with a generally positive bent on it, but I have to admit it seems awfully expensive for a couple aluminum tubes and a plexiglass tray. On the other hand,Read More

Satire at its best…

This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time…. FAFBLOG: Well Dr. James Dobson it has been a while since we had our last interview an in between the Ban Gay Marriage Amendment Amendment failed. How you been since then? JAMES DOBSON: Just terrible, Fafnir. Because of the weakness and corruptionRead More

MyDoom and the ‘Liberal Media’

I’m pretty tired of hearing constant yammerings from the right about how ‘liberal’ the media is and that ‘the new york times is just the mouthpiece of the Democratic party’. What utter crap. In a brilliant show about just how lopsided the media is, I refer my happy readers to this article from Reuters whereinRead More

Review: Spout

I like finding cutesy little games that are fun to noodle around with. It’s particularly nice to find something you can play in a few minutes that doesn’t require a half hour of loading CD’s and selecting playing options. I keep an eye on Happy Penguin to see what’s new in the Linux gaming world,Read More

Bouncing off the bottom.

Boy, that’s how I feel. I think that business stuff hit bottom about a month ago, when I wasn’t sure if I could continue with things, or how we’d move ahead. Then a some good things started happening, and some of the stuff that has been annoying me and really making it hard to beRead More

Kyocera 7135, Linux and MP3s

A few weeks ago, I finally upgraded my old AT&T Wireless cell phone, and got a Kyocera 7135 Smartphone. I was looking for high speed data access, Palm applications, wireless modem access, and flat rate usage. Verizon was the only one to give all of that with very good coverage.

I have the coolest brother in law.

Not only did this fellow buy Zach a new bicycle. Not only did he buy me a new trail bike. But tonight he finished aquiring the parts for, and together we installed, a new rack system on top of my car so I can carry my recumbent and Zach’s bike whenever we want to goRead More

USB Pen drives

Today I picked up a SanDisk 256meg Flash pen drive at Costco for a measely $51. I had been wrestling with the concepts of how to easily back up data at conventions without the hassle of a CDROm burner. I’ve been copying data back to my laptop, but that requires the laptop be online andRead More