MyDoom and the ‘Liberal Media’

I’m pretty tired of hearing constant yammerings from the right about how ‘liberal’ the media is and that ‘the new york times is just the mouthpiece of the Democratic party’. What utter crap.
In a brilliant show about just how lopsided the media is, I refer my happy readers to this article from Reuters wherein it is reported that a ‘a new web worm spreads’. In the entirety of the article, where the writer talks to McAfee, Google, and Symantec, nowhere is it mentioned that this virus can ONLY infect MICROSOFT platforms. The only reason this is happening is because of Microsoft’s crap security model.
This is the ‘liberal media’? Gosh, we dont want to upset BIG BAD MICROSOFT now do we? Better plug the virus scanner companies though, they’re making money off this!

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7 thoughts on “MyDoom and the ‘Liberal Media’

  1. you know, you can change your LJ setting to default to ‘no comments’. then noone will be able to comment there accidentally 🙂

  2. I suspect that’s more because journalists keep forgetting that there are OSes other than windows. Remember, Macs have a teeny fraction of the market, and Limux a far teenier one than that.
    That said, every time another one of these viruses comes up, I’m gladder I got away from Windows. More than makes up for the PITA of things like video files and Pilot synching.

  3. Actually, I’ve been on a total Linux platform now for almost 6 months, and have video and palm syncing working perfectly (palm syncing is being done with the Gnome-Pilot plugin in Evolution, and video is done with Xine).
    I honestly have not missed anything on Windows yet, except for perhaps some games, but I’m working on that as well 🙂

  4. Three things:
    1. I agree that the media is probably biased in favor of MS.
    2. I don’t think that’s a liberal/conservative thing, particularly. I mean, MS may be evil, but in the 2004 election cycle, they’ve given more money to dems:
    3. I suspect what’s more likely is that, sadly, most reporters out there know less about technology than my mother-in-law and don’t even consider that there are OSes other than Winderz.

  5. Now I have seen it all — computer geeks that proclaim they are so much more “enlightened” than the rest of us and support software/hardware that most of the rest us choose not to use want to make the Windows/MS Software war (that they lost years ago) a liberal/conservative, democrat/republican issue. WOW — you “know it alls” are really just too much!!!!! I will have to find a more intellegent place to discuss real issues in a more thoughtful manner!!!! Have fun on your pitty-pots guys!!!!!!

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